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Phone Sockets

Telephone Socket repairs and new phone socket installation. Do you have no or intermmitant dial tone? Maybe a buzz or crackle on the line?? 

Telephone providers normally guaranty the phone line upto the point there cable connects to the outside of your building, from this point onwards it is in most cases your responsibility. A telephone line repair from Skyprobe can be much cheaper then the cost of your phone provider doing the same work. We offer this service across Warrington and the Northwest of England.



Give us a call, (if you can) to discus your requirements.

* New Telephone Sockets
* New Phone Points Fitted
* Phone Point Repairs
* Phone Points Moved
* Phone Points for Sky Tv
* Phone Points for Broadband
* Home Office Phone Points

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Phone Points covering:
Warrington, Culcheth, Birchwood, Lowton, Locking Stumps, Lymm, Croft, Woolston, Padgate, Winwick, Grappenhall, Stockton Heath, Appleton, Great Sanky, Widnes, St Helens, Runcorn, Newton-le-willows, Haydock, Golborne, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Leigh, Atherton, Walkden, Worsley, Swinton, Eccles, Urmston, Cadishead, Rixton, Stretford, Sale, Altrincham, Knutsford, Hale, Hale barns, Manchester, and the surrounding areas.

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