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Sky Q installation

We offer Sky Q dish and LNB installations and upgrades. As many sky installers don't do roof or height sky dish installs we can upgrade your existing sky dish ready for sky Q. Or as a new sky customer we can supply and fit the dish and cables ready for your new sky Q box to be installed.

Freesat / Satellite

Freesat. Subscription FREE satellite TV. Freesat is from the BBC and ITV, offering 150+ digital TV and radio services.
Freesat is ideal for areas where a terrestrial signal is poor or unavailable and comes in three options, Freesat, Freesat+ and Freesat HD, all with No monthly fee's.

We install Freesat for a one off payment with single, quad and octo LNB options so you can have multiple boxes throughout the home. So give us a call today and start enjoying all Freesat has to offer.



Freesat. This is the standard Freesat option to receive Freesat channels. 1 dish and 1 cable connected into 1 Freesat box. Simple! We can supply and install the full Freesat system, just a Freesat box or supply and install the dish only if you have your own box.

Freesat +

Freesat + is the recordable option. With Freesat+ you can record, pause and rewind live TV. 1 dish 2 cables connected into 1 Freesat+ box. This box can record one channel and watch another at the same time. At Skyprobe satellite & television we supply and install the full system, box or dish and cables.

Freesat HD / Freesat+ HD

Freesat HD and Freesat+ HD is the High Definition option. Choose freesat HD and enjoy High Definition channels with NO contract. As well as all the standard Freesat channels. Freesat HD also comes in a Freesat+ HD so you can record your favourite programs in HD. We supply and install this option in full or part.

Dish Only

Dish only installs are ideal if you have your own box. We supply & fit dishes with standard, quad and octo LNB options and cabled to the rooms you need. We are doing many dish and cable installations others can't do, so we can fit the dish and cables even on the trickiest of jobs ready to connect your box. If other installers have let you down give us a call.
Freesat Repairs

Freesat repairs from Skyprobe satellite & television. Are you having problems with your Freesat reception? We can repair any Freesat faults.
We send an engineer to test the full Freesat system, locate the fault, explane in plain English the problem and the cost to repair then on your say so we can complete the repair. To book a service call for you Freesat repair either call us FREE or email today.


Fixed Satellite

Fixed satellite Dish systems come in all different sizes and can be used to receive digital programs. Usually aligned to 1 satellite or more satellites with the use of different LNB's these can be tailored to suit the language and viewing requirements you are looking for. If you have a particular channel in mind whatever it is, give us a call to see what we can do for you.
European Satellite

European satellite TV can be received with fixed or motorised dishes. We supply and install many different systems to receive programs from all over europe and the middle East.
French TV, German TV, Spanish TV, Polish TV, Italian TV and many more.
Motorised Satellite

Motorised satellite systems offer the widest selection of digital channels available. With thousands of free digital TV and Radio channels to choose from, these systems provide entertainment from many countrys from all over. There are two types of motorised satellite system, Diseqc and 36volt.
Diseqc motorised satillites are now the most common and use a single cable to drive the motor and for the LNB signal.
36volt motorised satellites are a more traditional satellite system using a cable for the LNB signal and another cable to drive the motor.
 We specialise in motorised dish systems and have done so for over 20 years so we are able to install and repair both types of motorised satellite system. At Skyprobe satellite & television we have supplied and installed professional motorised satellite dish systems all over the UK.


Satellite Repairs

Our engineers repair and install Sky and Freesat satellites and repairs to any satellite fixed or Motorised. Anything from freesat sky tuning, freesat sky dish alignments, freesat sky recabling, freesat or sky LNB changes, sky LNB repairs and upgrades, motor repair or reset, sky dish and freesat full refits, receiver repairs or channel updating.


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Freesat / Satellite installs and repairs covering:
Warrington, Culcheth, Birchwood, Lowton, Locking Stumps, Lymm, Croft, Woolston, Padgate, Winwick, Grappenhall, Stockton Heath, Appleton, Great Sanky, Widnes, St Helens, Runcorn, Newton-le-willows, Haydock, Golborne, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Leigh, Atherton, Walkden, Worsley, Swinton, Eccles, Urmston, Cadishead, Rixton, Stretford, Sale, Altrincham, Knutsford, Hale, Hale barns, Manchester, and the surrounding areas.


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